Mercedes-Benz 170
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: 170
Mercedes-Benz 170

Well, leave it to Mercedes-Benz to have the most archaic and convoluted naming system to date. While everyone else is out there picking cute little monikers, Mercedes-Benz has taken to a utilitarian approach in the naming department. Therefore, do not be surprised when you get too caught up in what is what, and are able to actually enjoy the beauty and power of the actual car. The Mercedes-Benz R170 is actually an automobile platform for sports cars produced as of 1997. The R170 models were originally sold under the SLK-Class of automobiles and were based on the W202 C-Class. Later, it was replaced by a new SLK-Class platform – the R171 in 2005. Not to fear though, the R170 chassis lived on in the Chrysler Crossfire. The fabrication of the R170 and R171 chassis is handled by Karmann of Germany. The R171 represents the second generation of Mercedes-Benz SLK. In comparison with the R170, the R171 is indeed larger. This SLK-Class of luxury roadsters built by the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has been around since 1997. The name was chosen to reflect the company's intentions for the car – that it be sporty, light and compact. There have been a total of two generations of SLK cars from Mercedes-Benz. Of all things, it seems that this vehicle is perhaps most famous for its retractable hardtop. While it did not pioneer it, the SLK revived its usage in modern automobiles. It was soon followed by the Peugeot 206cc, the Lexus SC 430 and the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. Further, the SLK was updated in 2004 with new Formula One-inspired styling and serious performance upgrades. The new R171 platform SLK was again on Car and Driver's Ten Best list for 2005, and it won the Canadian Best New Convertible award. Of little importance, but sort of interesting, it seems that the car was particularly marketed to women.

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