Mazda Millenia
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mazda
Model: Millenia
Mazda Millenia

The Millenia does not have a predecessor or replacement in the Mazda product line. It is one of a kind. The Mazda Millenia was originally planned as the larger of two luxury cars for Mazda’s luxury brand, Amati. As Mazda’s dwindling finances no longer permitted the launch of the Amati brand, the Millenia was launched in the autumn of 1993 in Europe under the name Xedos9. Japan also received the model only it was named the Eunos 800. The car was launched in the US in 1995 as the Millenia, and replaced the 929 as Mazda’s flagship sedan.

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Having been developed for a separate audience from typical Mazda customers, the Millenia boasted a myriad of finer details. It was engineered to far greater levels of perceived quality than existing Mazda cars. It included details such as upscale leather, interior plastic, panel gap and thicker paint coating. The Mazda Millenia was offered in two trims. The base trim came with standard features with optional leather interior. Millenia S trim offered larger tires and a super charged V6 engine. Production of the Mazda Millenia occurred along with the smaller Xedos6 in a new production line presumably set up for Amati cars. This is the only production car in the world to employ a Miller cycle engine. Towards the end of its lifespan, the Miller Cycle engine was dropped from the lineup, but the Millenia did see ten years of production, which fans consider fitting given that a decade-long benchmark was the catchphrase used to describe the car at its Japanese launch.

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The Millenia was eventually dropped after 2002 on account of slow sales, and it was loosely replaced by the Mazda6 for 2003. The Mazda Millenia, while it was still around, was capable of passing the elk test at speeds comparable to the BMW 850i, surpassing the Z32 Nissan 300ZX. The Millenia’s speed and excellent handling were the primary reasons that the model was so successful and why it remained in production for so long. Learn more about the Mazda Millenia and receive auto shipping rates for the Millenia using our original shipping quote calculator.

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