Mazda 929
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Mazda
Model: 929
Mazda 929

The first Mazda 929 was launched in 1973 to replace the piston-powered Mazda Luce, which had become the rotary RX-4. It was a large coupe, by Japanese standards, and also offered as a sedan and as a station wagon. All of which were powered by a 1.8 L inline-4 Mazda 1800 engine. Output was stated to be 83 hp. The Mazda 929, which was also sold as the Efini MS-9, was originally a mid-size car from 1973-1987, and became a full-size luxury car after that. It was sold for three long decades.

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The next generation 929 was introduced in 1981, remaining an export version of the Mazda Luce. It was a large front-engine rear-wheel drive sedan on the new HB platform with the Mazda Cosmo. This version was introduced in 1982 in some markets and produced until 1986, though lucky Japan got a new Luce a year earlier. The final generation of the 929 appeared in 1990. It remained a roomy rear wheel drive vehicle with V6 power. It was sold as the Efini MS-9 under Mazda’s ill-fated diversification plan. There was no longer a Luce rotary version, and the Cosmo got a new platform as well.¬ 1992 Mazda 929 Car Shipping

The 929’s Replacement

A new model, the Sentia, appeared on the same platform. In Canada, the car was known as the 929 Serenia. The Sentia continued for one more generation, but importation of the 929 to the United States stopped in 1995 with the Mazda Millenia remaining at the top of the company’s lineup. The model seemed to experience a quick demise there at the end. It is hard to pinpoint the reasons for the quick lapse in popularity and thus in sales. But, the markets can be volatile so one really never knows. Mazda was wise though to already have a replacement model on deck to pick up where the 929 left off. Regardless, a car shipping quote for the¬ 929 is necessary because it is usually more than the 626. Car shipping rates for the Mazda 929 are available here using our original shipping quote calculator.

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