Maserati Coupe
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Maserati
Model: Coupe
Maserati Coupe

Where better a place to start than with price. The Coupe ranges in price from $82,633 – $86,877. The Spyder comes in as slightly more expensive, costing $87,252 – $91,415. In 2002, Maserati launched the Coupe and Spyder, based on the 3200 GT, which was not sold in the United States. Both models have a normally aspirated 4.2 L engine producing 390 bhp and a top speed of 177 mph. The 0-60 acceleration time of 4.9 seconds is nothing to sneeze at. The V8 engine was designed by Ferrari but built by Maserati. It has variable valve timing on the intake side only, however a highly developed version of this engine used in the F430 had variable valve timing on both intake and outlet sides.

Auto Shipping For Maserati Coupe

Upon its release, the Maserati Spyder became the first Maserati sold in the United States since 1990; the Coupe was released shortly thereafter. They are also the first Maseratis to feature a normally aspirated V8, as Maserati had been producing twin turbo engines for 20 years prior to the release of the 2002 Coupe and Spyder. The Spyder, older brother to the Coupe was first revealed to the public at the 2001 Frankfurt Auto Show. It made its United States debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2002 and surely was a huge hit. Both the Spyder and the Coupe are available with two transmissions: the first option is the GT, which is a traditional manual, or the Cambiocorsa, which has upshift and downshift paddles mounted on the steering wheel. The latter style was intended to simulate Formula One driving as it most certainly did. Maserati offers a range of exterior colors and ten shades of leather interior, but the best is that Maserati owners can even order custom Maserati luggage, made to match their cars’ interiors. Now that would be one expensive and fast set of luggage. Try getting an auto shipping quote for the Maserati Coupe right here using our first of a kind auto transport price calculator.

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