Lotus Elise
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Lotus
Model: Elise
Lotus Elise

Lotus is more or less in a league of its own, and the Elise is just another model they brought along to the game. The Lotus Elise is a roadster conceived in early 1994 and released in September 1996 by the English manufacturer Lotus Cars. The car has a hand-finished fiberglass body shell atop its aluminum frame that provides a rigid platform for the suspension, while keeping weight and fabrication costs to a minimum. The Elise was named after the then Lotus chairman Romano Artioli's granddaughter, Elisa. Not many people can claim there is an automobile named after them. Although high-tech, it really is an affordable option for sports car lovers on a budget who still want performance and looks. The design philosophy of Lotus is "Performance through light weight", a way of thinking first adopted by the founder of Lotus, Colin Chapman. The motto forces Lotus to obtain very high performance with lightweight cars in spite of their relatively reserved power outputs, with a strong emphasis on driving quality and dynamics. This seems to result in a sports car, the Elise, which in production form in 1996 weighed in at just 1,500 lb. Now, compare this to a Porsche Boxster, which is also considered to be a tremendously lightweight sports car but weighs nearly twice as much, coming in at 2,756 lb. As a result, the Elise's acceleration, braking, cornering and fuel consumption are nothing short of astonishing in spite of the fact that the engine puts out a relatively modest 120 bhp. Now compare that to 201 bhp produced by the 1997 Porsche Boxster. Essentially, when it comes down to it, this is a great performance car that is light and nimble and ready to be driven wherever the driver so desires. Although, not off road of course.

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