Lincoln Zephyr
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Lincoln
Model: Zephyr
Lincoln Zephyr

With dealership sales beginning in the fall, Lincoln dealers sold just fewer than 5,000 Zephyrs through December 2005, and an added 24,000 Zephyrs in the 2006 calendar year through September. In 1936, Lincoln launched their new model, the Zephyr. It was very well-liked because the forties people thought its design was very contemporary and hip. In 1942, Lincoln stopped the Zephyr fabrication when Ford converted to war work. The name was not reintroduced until 2006, even though the car itself continued after the war until 1948 as simply the "Lincoln". For the 2006 model year, Lincoln introduced a new Zephyr as its entry-level luxury car to fill the void left by the discontinued V6 adaptation of the Lincoln LS. Although the new Zephyr really owes more theoretically to the Lincoln Versailles of the later 1970s, being largely a dressed-up midsize Ford. The Zephyr, along with the Ford Fusion and the Mercury Milan, which share the same Ford CD3 platform, are built in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. This makes the Zephyr the first Lincoln car assembled outside of the United States for sale in the US market. This is of course something that most consumers are not aware of. For the 2007 model year, the Zephyr was rebadged as the MKZ. This was prompted by a need to align the model with Lincoln’s new naming convention using alphanumeric abbreviations beginning with MK, instead of traditional names. For example, the 2007 Lincoln MKX crossover utility vehicle was originally to be designated the 2007 Aviator. In reality though, Lincoln is going to have to do something more revolutionary than rename their models already in production. Perhaps some money needs to be invested in R&D and then the company can really reap the rewards. Together with the new name, the MKZ will be given a new, more powerful engine compared to the Zephyr and minor cosmetic changes.

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