Lincoln Navigator
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Lincoln
Model: Navigator
Lincoln Navigator

The Navigator was redesigned in 2003, and compared to the previous generation, the interior of the redesigned Navigator feels more comfortable to luxury car buyers. For instance, the Navigator no longer shares the dashboard layout of the Expedition and the F-150. It used to have a dashboard consisting of fake satin nickel trim and real wood inserts. Additionally, the optional navigation system has now been integrated with the audio system controls to save space. Some ingenious features debuted with this redesign such as power-deployable running boards that deploy when a side door is opened, a power liftgate and a power folding third row seat. As if things could get any better, it also included in the ultimate model HID headlights. This full-size luxury SUV produced by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company was introduced in 1998. This fairly early introduction made the Navigator one of the first full-size luxury SUVs. It is the largest luxury SUV made by the Ford Motor Company with its chief competitor being the highly regarded Cadillac Escalade. The price tag for the Navigator will run the buyer between $46,000 to $67,000. Further, the Navigator is Lincoln's first all wheel drive vehicle. The Lincoln Navigator is essentially a luxurious Ford Expedition with a more powerful engine, more luxury features and a better-trimmed interior that includes higher quality leather, fine wood and extensive carpeting. However, its humble truck roots can be easily spotted and this has proven to be somewhat of a problem with buyers. The Navigator did previously have the same user-friendly dashboard layout as the Expedition and the F-150, which prompted competitors, like Cadillac and GMC to quickly follow suit. Much like the Cadillac Escalade, the Navigator found a spot with celebrities and the customized SUV scene, both of which happily touted the Navigator’s prestige and class.

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