Lincoln Mark VII
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Lincoln
Model: Mark VII
Lincoln Mark VII

The Mark VII had the most comfort and convenience options that were available in the 1980s. This included all power accessories, deluxe leather seating, keyless entry, an onboard trip computer and digital instruments. Additionally, all Mark VIIs came with full air suspension that included an electronic ride control system. Further, the Mark VII was the first American vehicle with electronic 4-channel antilock brakes. Adding to its line of firsts, it was also the first American vehicle with composite headlights. There were 4 trim levels to choose from: the Base version, a Versace Designer, a Bill Blass Designer and the LSC. The Versace version had uniquely stitched seats and the Bill Blass version had pillow top seats with the initials "BB" etched in the backrest. By 1988, only the Bill Blass and LSC remained though. The Continental Mark VII, later known as just the Mark VII, was a large and luxurious rear wheel drive coupe from Lincoln. Introduced in 1984, the Continental Mark VII shared its platform with the Ford Thunderbird, the Ford Mustang and the Lincoln Continental. This platform was known under the codename, Fox, and was originally based on the Ford Fairmont and the Mercury Zephyr of the early 80s. It was manufactured at the Wixom Assembly Plant in Wixom, Michigan through 1992 and was replaced by the Lincoln Mark VIII in 1993. Of worthy mention is the Mark VII GTC, a Lincoln Mercury dealer sold car built by Cars & Concepts with monochromatic paint, a body kit and available performance upgrades. A select few were sent to Jack Roush Performance for suspension enhancements and optional 5.8L and T5 manual transmission conversions. The Comtech Mark VII, with a CRT touch screen, may only have existed in prototype form making it a true catch to find out on the market.

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