Lincoln Mark VI
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Lincoln
Model: Mark VI
Lincoln Mark VI

As with other 1980 Lincolns, the Lincoln Mark of that year was available with significantly better electronic equipment. New for 1980 was a digital instrument cluster using Vacuum Fluorescent Displays, pushbutton keyless entry, Automatic Overdrive 4-speed automatic transmission and fuel injection on the 4.9 L engine. Reliability of these systems was problematic though for the first few years, which earned these cars a poor reliability record for 1980, 1981 and 1982. Revisions and modifications to the electronics improved the cars’ reliability record for 1983, although the same cannot be said for its reputation. Buyers continued to remember the mechanical problems of the past, which negatively affected sales.

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The 1980 design revision and change to the platform significantly reduced the size of the vehicle as the new model was 14 inches shorter and rode on a wheelbase 6 inches shorter than before; thus, the new car was 500 pounds lighter. Nevertheless, aside from being the only Mark series ever available as a 4-door sedan, the Mark VI retained most of the styling cues of the 1977 Mark V. Even though the car was significantly smaller, it did kept the hallmark opera windows, the Rolls-Royce style grille and the tire hump on the trunk lid. Oddly, the hump actually was empty and did not hold the tire as it once did. The Lincoln Mark, Lincoln’s 2-door personal luxury coupe from 1956 to 1998, was produced while Continental was a separate division of the Ford Motor Company apart from Lincoln. After 1958 Continental merged with Lincoln and the Lincoln Continental became the flagship model. From this point on, the Mark continued to be sold as the Continental Mark II. The Mark kept the Continental prefix until 1984 upon the introduction of the Mark VII. The Mark VIII was the last generation of the Mark and Lincoln’s last personal luxury coupe.Go to our easy to use vehicle shipping estimate calculator on this page and learn more about theLincoln Mark VI.

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