Lincoln Blackwood 4dr Short Bed
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Lincoln
Model: Blackwood 4dr Short Bed
Lincoln Blackwood 4dr Short Bed

Not surprising if you have never heard of the Lincoln Blackwood, a luxury pickup truck, for it was only sold for the 2002 model year. The Blackwood was delivered late, with first sales in October 2001, due to a supply problem with the cargo box, which was produced by Magna Steyr. Ford reportedly froze their contracts with Magna International over the issue in an attempt to have things resolved. The Blackwood nevertheless was manufactured, once the parts were supplied, at Kansas City Assembly in Claycomo, Missouri through December 2002. Lincoln rebadged their unique luxury pickup truck as the Mark LT in the 2006 model year, however they did not repeat many of the mistakes made with the Blackwood, which included its lack of options and versatility. The Blackwood was only available with a black exterior and interior which made it a really hard sell to someone who particularly wanted a red truck. The truck bed was redone as a trunk with plush carpeting. The box was manufactured from plastic composites but lined with stainless steel. The exterior of the bed featured aluminum pinstripes over artificial burled black wood. The truck was rear wheel drive only, which made it unpopular due to the lack of options. All of these luxury features limited the practical usability of the Blackwood, and stood in stark contrast to the highly utilitarian Cadillac. Only 3,356 Blackwoods were made in just 15 months of production, with the final models selling well below invoice. Retail price was intended to be $52,500 but there is no way that the last models were drawing anywhere near that. In reality, the Blackwood was a luxuriously trimmed version of the Ford F-150 Crew Cab pickup truck, and was initially greeted with enthusiasm after its debut at the North American International Auto Show in January 1999. But when they arrived at dealerships, the Blackwood stalled while the Cadillac EXT soared.

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