Lexus SC 300
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Lexus
Model: SC 300
Lexus SC 300

In Japan, the related third generation Toyota Soarer shared the body design and components with the first generation SC. However, it featured a separate lineup of vehicle configurations and different powertrains. The Soarer’s design at the time was considered boxy-looking and outdated. Since the coupe was going to be targeted towards the American market, the project was handed over to the Calty Design Research center in California. The fourth generation Soarer, largely identical to the SC 430, was superseded by its Lexus counterpart in Japan when the Lexus marquee debuted there in 2005. At present, the SC is the sole coupe in the Lexus lineup and carries a U.S. base asking price of $65,455. The Lexus SC series is a personal luxury coupes and feature a front engine, rear-wheel drive design and seating for up to four passengers. The first generation SC debuted as the V8-powered SC 400 in 1991, and the I6-powered SC 300 was added in 1992. Both first generation models were manufactured until 2000. The second-generation model, the SC 430, went into production in 2001. In July of 1992, the SC 300, a smaller engined brother to the SC 400, premiered in the United States coming equipped with a 3.0 L engine. The American Calty design team took a revolutionary approach to designing the car, using molding shapes to design the body, and working 3-dimensionally instead of the traditional 2-D sketch approach. As described by design chiefs Denis Campbell and Erwin Luihe, the result was a car that was based on emotion and feeling rather than linear aesthetics. The design of the coupe was considered groundbreaking, possessing almost no straight edges and built on curvature. Some critics found the design of the new Lexus coupe to be very distinctive compared to other cars at the time. Later, the SC design has been credited for being influential in the development of automotive designs that followed.

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