Land Rover Range Rover
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Land Rover
Model: Range Rover
Land Rover Range Rover

From its inception, the Range Rover has been one of the most luxurious sport utility vehicles, although it has always been built for off-road capability foremost. This combination has made it a champion of a model. In fact, there really are no cars to compare this vehicle with because unlike other luxury SUVs, this is the only one that is highly capable of serious off-roading. The Land Rover Range Rover is a four-wheel drive luxury Sport Utility Vehicle produced by Land Rover, and was first introduced in 1970. The Range Rover was built on a box section ladder type chassis, much like the contemporary Series Land Rover, but instead it utilized coil springs as opposed to leaf springs. It also had permanent four-wheel drive, disc brakes all round and was powered by the lightweight Rover V8 engine. The vehicle proved extremely popular in the United Kingdom and is currently one of the most expensive SUVs on the market with a price of roughly $82,000 to over $155,000. Although it had many features not found on most other SUVs at the time, it is debatable whether or not the Range Rover was the first luxury SUV, as many people claim. Other SUV vehicles, such as the Chevrolet's Suburban and the Jeep Wagoneer were produced before the Range Rover. These American vehicles were the first four-wheel drive vehicles that were not designed as strictly commercial utility vehicles, but to be versatile and off-road capable family vehicles. Although Jeep and Chevrolet may have been the first to introduce luxurious off-road vehicles to the general public, the Range Rover was still the first to add advanced suspension and braking technology to the mix. There really is no debating the power and performance of the Land Rover Range Rover. Anyone who tries to argue otherwise has not closely considered the components of this automobile.

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