Land Rover Freelander
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Land Rover
Model: Freelander
Land Rover Freelander

The Freelander was wholly designed by the Rover Group. This was of course after early talks of a co-operation with BMW resulted in disinterest from the German side. Despite this, BMW secretly proceeded with their BMW X3, which was inspired by the Freelander prototype. The Freelander however came off the production line in late 1997 and it rapidly became the best selling compact 4×4 in Europe, outselling the BMW X3, as well as many other small off road vehicles. The Land Rover Freelander was recently re-named the Land Rover LR2 in North America. There are a variety of models available that range from wagon inspired to commercial vehicle inspired, and even some are hatchback inspired. The new Freelander 2 debuted at the 2006 British International Motor Show. While the new model retained the Freelander nameplate in Europe, the rebadging in the United States as LR2 mirrored the marketing of the new third-generation Land Rover Discovery as LR3. Preceding the authorized debut, a private presentation at the Kensington Roof Gardens had been held for journalists. This was quite the event given that it featured celebrity tennis player Maria Sharapova. The new 2008 LR2 will be sold in the United States for a base price of $34,700 which is a very competitive price and in fact might be too low. The consequences of low-pricing a model include bringing down the overall perception of the brand. The second generation Freelander is based on the Ford EUCD platform, which itself is based on the Ford C1 platform. The EUCD platform is also used by the new Ford Galaxy, the Ford S-MAX and the Volvo S80. It is also planned that more upcoming vehicles from Ford and Volvo will be using the same platform. However, these other models really do not have anything on the Land Rover.

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