Land Rover Discovery Series II
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Land Rover
Model: Discovery Series II
Land Rover Discovery Series II

The Series II Discovery debuted in 1998 to the glee of drivers. The interior and exterior was re-worked to be less utilitarian, but it was still very similar to the Series I. However, every body panel was new except for the rear door outer skin. The reason for the change is debatable; some presume it was prompted by a desire for more cost effective measures while others think it was to revamp the brand. Anyhow, the rear body was extended to improve load space but at the expense of additional rear overhang, which negatively impacted off-road ability. However, overall off-road ability does still remains impressive and is most effected by choice of tires. Engine changes existed as well and this electronically managed engine was smoother, thus producing more usable torque. The Td5 engine is commonly attributed to BMW but this is not really fair as the engine was derived from the Rover L-series passenger car engine and developed by Land Rover. The V8 gasoline version was also increased to 4.0 liters at the same time. Active Cornering Enhancement, an electronically controlled hydraulic anti-roll bar system, was fitted to some versions. Self-leveling air springs were fitted to some models as well. In 2002, models in the United States were given a few upgrades. The face-lifted models are easily identified by new pocketed headlamps which matched the Range Rover and the face-lifted Freelander models. As with earlier models, however, this can be deceptive since kits are available to modify 1998 – 2002 vehicles with the newer lights. It seems that from the manufacturer's perspective, the car kits are a hindrance in maintaining their brand image. When a driver decides to place a goofy looking kit on their car, the manufacturer has no manner in which to remove their badge from it, thus it ends up representing the brand as well.

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