Land Rover Discovery
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Land Rover
Model: Discovery
Land Rover Discovery

The Discovery was launched in the United Kingdom in 1989. Internally, it was known as ‘Project Jay'”, and came close to being called the ‘Prairie Rover’ until a decision was made to improve the overall branding strategy. Thus, the Land Rover name was then detached from any specific model. The new model was based on the chassis and drivetrain of the more upscale Range Rover, but with a lower price that was aimed at a larger market segment. It was also intended to compete with the Japanese offerings. The Discovery is a four-wheel drive on and off road vehicle from Land Rover, which is currently owned by Ford. The Discovery was introduced in the late 1980s, it has gone through three generation and it is the most popular model from Land Rover. It is less utilitarian than the Defender, but it is very skilled off road.

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The current Discovery Series III is marketed in North America as the LR3. The Discovery was initially available in a three-door version, partly to avoid entering into the market of the more expensive Range Rover. However, the five door became available the following year. Both were fitted with five seats, and an option was made available to have two further seats fitted in the cargo area at the back of the vehicle. Land Rover Special Vehicles later offered a two-seater, three-door Discovery Commercial version, which had no rear windows. Pre-1994, the Discovery was available with either the 2.5 liter engine or the 3.5L Rover V8. Early V8s used a twin SU carburetor system, moving over to Lucas fuel injection in 1990. In the UK, V8 models are comparatively rare, as the majority of Discovery owners preferred the more economical diesel engines. Consequently, resale prices of V8-engined vehicles are lower than the more popular diesel counterparts. Go to our easy to use auto shipping estimates calculator on this page and learn more about the Land Rover Discovery.

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