Land Rover Defender
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Land Rover
Model: Defender
Land Rover Defender

Series models and Defenders are easily confused due to their similar styling, as many body parts are interchangeable between brand-new models and vehicles nearly 30 years old. This of course makes repairs much simpler for owners of the older models. Most parts for old models by other automakers are nearly impossible to find, and if you do find them, you may have to sell your right arm to get them. Differences between the old Land Rovers and the new Land Rovers, however, are significant. The Land Rover Series I, II, and III, Ninety, 110, 127, and Defender are off-road vehicles produced by the British manufacturer Land Rover. The Defender is the descendant of the Series models, following over 50 years of advancement along the same basic design, and retaining very similar looks. Land Rover claims that 70% of their vehicles ever made are still in use today. The Rover Motor Company conceived the Land Rover in 1946 during the aftermath of World War II. Rover's usual products were luxury cars which were not in demand in the immediate post-war period and raw materials were strictly rationed to those companies building construction or industrial equipment thus making production quite difficult. To make matter worse, Rover's original factory in Coventry had been bombed during the war, forcing the company to move into a huge factory it had built during the war in Solihull near Birmingham to construct aircrafts. This factory was now empty but starting car production there from scratch would not be financially viable. Several plans for small, economical cars were drawn up, but all were too expensive to produce. The prototype Land Rover was developed in 1947 and had a distinctive feature which was that the steering wheel was mounted in the middle of the vehicle. It hence became known as the 'center steer'.

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