Jeep Jeepster
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Make: Jeep
Model: Jeepster
Jeep Jeepster

The original Jeepster, know internally as VJ, was produced from 1948 through 1950. Some leftover models were sold under the 1951 model year and thus have become popular collectors items. After World War II, Jeep trademark owner, Willys, believed that the market for the military-type Jeep would be limited to farmers; therefore, they began producing the CJ, which stood for ‘Civilian Jeep’ to fill this growing segment. They added to this growing segment by also producing the new Jeep Wagon in 1946, and then the Jeep Truck in 1947. Realizing a gap in their product line up, Willys created the Jeepster to crossover their utilitarian trucks to the automobile market.

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The car was originally only offered with rear-wheel drive, which limited its appeal with traditional Jeep fans. While its distinctive boxy styling was a hit with critics, it did not catch on with the anticipated market. Further, sales were negatively affected by meager advertising. In the end, just 19,132 original VJ Jeepsters were sold which is just too bad because they were a fairly decent automobile. This is however good to know because an old Jeepster would be a good find in the resale market. The VJ Jeepster was powered by the 62 hp Go Devil engine. A 3-speed manual transmission with optional overdrive was used, as were drum brakes all around. The vehicle’s front end was from the Willys Station Wagon, as was the rear driveline. The flat-topped rear fenders were copied from the Jeep truck line, as were the longitudinal rear leaf springs. From the sounds of it the Jeepster was nothing more than a bunch of old parts put together, but in reality, this is more common than not. Imagine the price of an automobile is the manufacturer had to start from scratch with every new model. No industry does this ‘ and survives.¬†Go to our easy to use vehicle transport quotes calculator on this page and learn more about the¬ Jeep Jeepster.

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