Jaguar XJS
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Jaguar
Model: XJS
Jaguar XJS

Well, Jaguars have been known to be nice sedans for everyday use, but Richard Hammond found another manner in which to use the Jaguar XJS. He used a 1985 XJ-S HE as a test car to see the advantages of weight reduction by stripping the car of all of its amenities. The stock car had a 0-60mph acceleration time of 6.6 seconds. After stripping out 491.6lbs of weight, the 0-100mph time was improved by five seconds. He went even further and stripped down a 1985 Jaguar and pitted it against various exotic cars in a standing quarter mile to see which manufacturer builds the world's best supercar. In a drag race against the German Porsche 911 Turbo, the Japanese Honda NSX, the American Chevrolet Corvette, the French Venturi Atlantique, and the Italian Ferrari 360 the Jaguar fared poorly, coming in last and very far behind all the other cars with a time of eighteen and a half seconds. He then decided to cheat and installed a NOS system on the car, which added up 200hp. and brought it up to a total of 500hp. The race was then rerun and the Jaguar XJ-S then did the quarter mile in only thirteen seconds, beating all the other cars with the Porsche coming second and the Ferrari third. The first XJ-S appeared in 1975 as a 1976 model and was powered from the V12 version with a choice of a manual or automatic transmission. The XJ-S was one of only three V-12 automobiles at the time, the other two coming from Italy from Lamborghini and Ferrari. The 1981 XJ-S received the new High-Efficiency engine for much better economy and was also now the fastest automatic-transmission car in the world at 168 mph. In 1982, the new V12 XJ-S won first and second at the Tourist Trophy race at Silverstone.

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