Jaguar VandenPlas
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Jaguar
Model: VandenPlas
Jaguar VandenPlas

Road accident statistics on a model-by-model basis from the UK Department for Transport show that the VandenPlas series Jaguars are the safest cars on UK roads, according to a measurement in terms of chance of death in an accident. This makes the VandenPlas three times safer than the safest Volvo models and only matched by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Land Rover. This is backed up by the popularity of the car in the world of racing, as the early models are particularly preferred for their combination of crashworthiness and high performance. From that description, one would not know that the Jaguar VandenPlas is a luxury sedan sold under the British Jaguar luxury marquee. It was launched in 1968 and has served as the Jaguar flagship model for most of its production span, which continues through to today. It was the last Jaguar sedan to have had the input of Sir William Lyons, the company's founder. In reality, VandenPlas is a model designation for the United States and is still used today for the top-level XJ sedans in the US. The designation was used on top-of-the-range Rover cars in the home UK market, and so the Jaguar Sovereign was launched for the 1983 model year as the top Jaguar model. With the new Jaguar Sovereign model came the introduction of the sought-after alloy wheel featuring numerous distinctive circular holes. A trip computer also appeared for the first time and was fitted as standard on Sovereign models. The last Series III XJ with a six-cylinder engine was produced in 1987. Production of the Series III XJ continued until 1992 with the V12 engine. In Canada in 1992, the last 100 cars built were numbered and sold as part of a special series commemorating the end of production which is sure to make these hard to find and expensive to buy. Over the years, 132,952 Series III cars were built, 10,500 with the V12 engine.

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