Jaguar S Type
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Jaguar
Model: S Type
Jaguar S Type

There are very few automakers with a reputation as solid as Jaguar. This company embodies old world wealth and the prestige that accompanies it. The Jaguar S-Type is a mid-size luxury executive car introduced for the 2000 model year by the British marquee Jaguar of the Ford Motor Company. The name is a revival of a previous Jaguar model, the S-Type introduced in 1964. Granted, the older model was most likely better made and of a higher quality, but drivers take what they can get. The S-Type is produced at Jaguar's Castle Bromwich facility in Birmingham, England. The car was styled by the late Geoff Lawson, and is based on the Jaguar DEW platform which it shared with the, now out of production, Lincoln LS. The classic leaping jaguar bonnet mascot, or "leaper" as it is commonly called, is not fitted to the S-Type when built for its home market in the UK as it contravenes the current safety legislation regarding pedestrian impact, but many enthusiasts subsequently add one themselves to complete the traditional "Jaguar" look. A minor facelift in 2004 refined the car's overall appearance, with the addition of redesigned standard front and rear aprons, slightly modified grille to include the Jaguar badge, new rear light clusters, an aluminum hood, and a new 2.7L V6 diesel engine. To prevent likely oxidation problems occurring around attachment holes in the new hood, the windscreen washer jets were expertly incorporated into the windscreen wiper arms, and the badging was removed. Internally, the whole trim and center console were redesigned to incorporate a new layout for the revised switchgear and radio or optional satellite navigation equipment. All of this will of course not come for free or even for a little. It is the most expensive S-Type, with a base price of 58,995 in the United States, but in reality is worth it.

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