Isuzu Trooper II
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Isuzu
Model: Trooper II
Isuzu Trooper II

The Isuzu Trooper II is a fun automobile to drive and nice to look at. Additionally, they hold up well, and due to their tough exterior, seem to be timeless. There were two generations of the Isuzu Trooper produced, the first spanning 1981 through 1991, and this model is known as the Isuzu Trooper II. Oddly enough, the second model available from 1992 through 2002 was known only as the Isuzu Trooper, the 'II' having been dropped. This is of course contrary to what one would assume, as most of the time the 'II' would indicate the second model. Nevertheless, Isuzu stopped exporting the model in 202. In the beginning of its production run the Isuzu Trooper II it was somewhat primitive and underpowered, offered only with a 4-cylinder motor, standard 5 speed manual transmission and part-time four-wheel drive system. As the first generation progressed, it became more luxurious, and offered more amenities, including a V6 engine. The second generation was more refined, and was available with two-wheel drive. The second generation Isuzu Trooper received some bad press in the United States though when the 1995-1997 models were rated "Not Acceptable" by Consumer Reports for their tendency to roll over during testing. In a lawsuit brought by Isuzu against Consumers Union, the court found that some of the magazine's statements showed a "reckless disregard" for the truth. The court found in favor for Isuzu on 60% of the claims in the suit. Ultimately, however, many of Isuzu's other major allegations which included negative statements, test doctoring, and stunt driving were dismissed by the jury, and the lawsuit in the end favored Consumers Union. Isuzu Trooper sales never recovered from this horrific event. Although, as previously stated, this has made the aftermarket models very affordable. Buyers should also scour markets outside of the United States as it was sold elsewhere under different names.

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