Isuzu Hombre 2dr SB
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Isuzu
Model: Hombre 2dr SB
Isuzu Hombre 2dr SB

The Isuzu Hombre was Isuzu's pickup truck introduced in 1996 as a rebadged Chevrolet S-10 and GMC Sonoma. It replaced the Indiana built Isuzu PickUp. The most important difference between the Hombre and the models it is spawned from are in its equipment. While the S-10 and the Sonoma boasted an extensive array of optional equipment, the Hombre was offered in a small model range with a modest selection of optional packages. The Isuzu Hombre's product selection was extended to include an extended cab known as the Spacecab, a V6 engine and four-wheel drive. These became available in 1997 and only until 1998. All three of the sister vehicles were produced at General Motors' Shreveport, Louisiana plant. Further, all Isuzu Hombres were equipped with the Chevrolet S-series 15 x 7 steel rims with 8 directional vents. The rims on the Hombre were painted black, whereas the rims on the S10, the Sonoma, the Jimmy and the Blazer, were painted silver. Additionally, the majority were equipped with hubcaps with the Isuzu logo. The front sheet metal on the Hombre was shared with the Brazilian built Chevrolet S10 pickup. Slow sales prompted Isuzu to drop the Isuzu Hombre after the 2000 model year. Isuzu would bail out of the pickup truck business until later releasing the i-Series. Because of the poor sales, the Hombre is considered one of the rarest pickups in North America as of 2006. Of course, this does not make a model that everyone should run out to find. There is a reason that it was a poor seller and because it is now a limited model is not reason enough to own one. There are many trucks on the market; in fact, the segment is very well stocked with more than adequate models to handle any range of work.

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