Infiniti J30
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Infiniti
Model: J30
Infiniti J30

The Infiniti J30 was a rear wheel drive luxury car that went into production on April 7, 1992 as a 1993 model to replace the M30, which happened to be a coupe. It was, perhaps mistakenly, launched in the United States at the same time as its competitor, the Lexus GS. The car was designed to fill the gap between the smaller G20 and the larger Q45 as Infiniti's first mid-size sedan. Also, it was fairly small but it featured rounded styling, which was uncharacteristic of the crowded near-luxury market. Also, unlike earlier Infinities, the J30 received effective advertising with jazz music and artistic camera shots making it somewhat more appealing. The advertising campaign featured a middle-aged yuppie wearing all black. The host used phrases like "This is the Infinity J30 — and this is the clock in the J" with an elitist tone that was widely ridiculed. Saturday Night Live parodied the ads in their late night television show. Drivers in Japan will recognize the Infiniti J30 as Nissan Leopard J. Ferie. Appropriately, all J30s were built in Tochigi, Japan. Production of the J30 came to an end on June 18, 1997, replaced by the Infiniti I30. Power came from a 3.0 L VG30DE V6 that produced 210 hp and 192 ft•lbf of torque. While it shares the Y32 Chassis with the Nissan Cedric, it was essentially a rebadged version of the Japan-market Nissan Leopard J.Ferie where it was offered with both the VG30DE and VH41DE V8. One of the numerous reasons that the J30 failed was that its most distinguishing feature was a lack of interior room. It had the distinction of being a mid-size car with the space of a subcompact due to its sloping roofline and shrunken trunk. The implications of the lack of size were not foreseeable by Nissan as they proceeded along without warning.

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