Infiniti I35
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Infiniti
Model: I35
Infiniti I35

Infiniti has proven that they are not invincible to the whims of the market. The Infiniti I35 was a mid-size luxury car sold under Nissan's Infiniti marquee in North American markets. The I35 was nothing more than a rebadged Nissan Maxima. Infiniti wanted to persuade buyers that the new suspension tuning, enlarged brakes, stability control and 255 horsepower engine had transformed the Infiniti I into more of a sports sedan and less of sedate entry-level model. This attempt was largely unsuccessful though. The model was only offered with a 4-speed automatic transmission and front wheel drive; meaning that the ES300 and Acura's pre-existing second generation 3.2TL remained its closest competitors, with models like the BMW 5-Series remaining out of its league. In September 2004, Nissan had to announce that the I35 production would cease and that made the 2004 model year the end of the line. The I35 had then been discontinued after a short run of 2004 models. It was succeeded by the new Infiniti M, which was introduced for 2003. As it turns out, the upgrades made in late 2001 were futile. At the time, the car was renamed the Infiniti I35 to reflect an engine-displacement increase from 3.0 to 3.5 L. This proved to be less of a selling point that in fact did not draw any buyers to consider the Infiniti over the BMW they were really in the market for. Dealers could not turn over sales making the model a waste of space on the lot. As it turns out, Infiniti seems to have done the right thing in cutting their losses early as sales for BMW have not been slowing, and in fact, are going steady and strong. Perhaps, consumers came to realize that Infiniti was just Nissan is disguise and that they would get more for their dollar with another manufacturer.

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