Hyundai Scoupe
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Hyundai
Model: Scoupe
Hyundai Scoupe

The Hyundai Scoupe was sold from 1989 through 1994 as a 2-door coupe based on the Hyundai Excel. Hyundai usually keeps their model names as simple and unassuming, but this one is just plain cute. The name, a combination of "sporty" and "coupe," was pronounced "scoop In terms of the cars power, a 92 horsepower, 1.5 liter engine provided power to the front wheels via a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. ". The 1993 Scoupe was the first Hyundai to use the company's Alpha straight-4 engine. Available in naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms, the Alpha was the first engine designed in Korea. Consumers looking for something even sportier could turn to a newly released model. There was also Scoupe 1500GT with 1.5l engine turbocharged by a Garrett Turbocharger with 85Kw (115hp). This type of set up was fairly decent given the cars' weight of 1050kg. The GT version had half-leather sport seats, a leather steering wheel, cruise control, electric side mirrors and manual climate control. It is very likely that variants of this model are still in existence today in the marketplace. Hyundai has a habit, along with many other manufacturers of rebadging models after a few years. Some models don't even make it one or two years without being renamed and remarketed as something else. This practice seems to be a poor tactic to participate in. Imagine a model that has significant mechanical problems but those problems are not made aware for some time. Then the company unassumingly renames the model and of course the mechanical problems are carried over into the next model. Now, instead of having one lemon, the company is seen as having produced two lemons. Common sense would dictate that this is poor business in the long run although it may be simpler in the short run.

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