Hudson Hornet
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Hudson
Model: Hornet
Hudson Hornet

The 2006 film, Cars, starring the voices of Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, and Larry the Cable Guy features a Hudson Hornet and subsequently, the price of Hornets on sites like eBay have risen considerably. Amazing what the likes of Hollywood can do. Anyway, the Hudson Hornet was an automobile produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan between 1951 and 1954. The Hornet was also built by American Motors Corporation in Kenosha, Wisconsin and marketed under the Hudson brand between 1955 and 1957. During 1952, Hornets driven by Marshall Teague, Herb Thomas and Tim Flock won 27 NASCAR races under the Hudson team. In AAA racing, Teague drove a stock Hornet that he called the Fabulous Hudson Hornet to 14 wins during the season. This brought the Hornet's season record to an astounding 40 wins in 48 events, a winning percentage of 83%, which is a remarkable feat for a six-cylinder car. In its concluding three model years, the Hornet became a product of the newly formed American Motors Corporation. In 1954, Hudson's Detroit manufacturing facility was closed and production of the Hudson models was shifted to Nash's Wisconsin factory. All following Hudsons would be based on the senior Nash models, but would still have exclusive Hudson styling. The model was based upon Hudson's "Stepdown" design, which was introduced for the 1948 model year with the Commodore. These cars were available in two and four-door sedans, convertible coupes and hardtop coupes. The Stepdown was a design that merged body and frame into one structure. The Stepdown's floor pan was buried in between the car's frame rails instead of the entire chassis being perched on top of the frame. Thus, a person stepped down into a Hudson. Overall, the Hornet retained its reputation as a great racing car and eventually went out in style.

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