Honda Element
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Honda
Model: Element
Honda Element

Drivers looking for a compact crossover Sport Utility Vehicle should take a look at the Honda Element. This vehicle is manufactured by Honda and was launched in the United States, Canada and Japan in 2003. The Element is based on the CR-V, yet its dimensions are considerably different. The length is a foot shorter, the wheelbase has been trimmed 1.7 in, the roofline is 7.8 in higher, the front track 1.7 in narrower and the floor about an inch lower. These may seem like very miniscule changes, but they are in fact enough to make the two models look quite different. This model was designed to slot below the CR-V and provide competition against compact SUVs, such as the Ford Escape and the Hyundai Tucson, and taller hatchbacks like the Chrysler PT Cruiser and the Toyota Matrix. The Element is offered with front-wheel drive or Honda's optional Real Time, four-wheel drive system. This is a hydraulically motivated system that operates only when front wheel slippage occurs making it a great feature for first time drivers. Sadly though, it was discontinued in Japan with the 2006 model. Drivers are receiving their models straight from the factory located in East Liberty, Ohio. The 4-seat Element is designed to carry large and possibly messy loads, whatever those may be. The floor is made of textured urethane that is easy to clean, the fabric is tough and stain-resistant, and the individual rear seats recline, fold up, and are completely removable to leave a large load space. Features such as these have been instrumental in supporting the promises of the vehicle as being durable and easy to clean. Also, the rear clamshell tailgate arrangement is large and the vehicle is tall, allowing large loads to be carried. The rear side doors are clamshells that open backwards making for another interesting feature.

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