GMC Sierra 1500 4dr Long Bed
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: GMC
Model: Sierra 1500 4dr Long Bed
GMC Sierra 1500 4dr Long Bed

The pickup truck segment in the United States is a very competitive segment to participate in. Nevertheless, General Motors is a dominant player in the market and has had a huge amount of success marketing their trucks to consumers of all needs. General Motors, under the GMC marquee has released the Sierra line of trucks, which come available in three distinct sizes. The GMC Sierra 1500 is a four-door long bed pickup truck that is well equipped to handle the tough jobs that other import models are incapable of completing. This model weighs half a ton and has graced showrooms since the 1990's. This has been just long enough for a new generation of drivers to grow to love it. The Sierra line is so unique in that it appeals across generations and can be found being driven by both father and son, or mother and daughter. On one hand, this is a result of continuous modernization of the vehicle and on the other hand, the model had to remain true to some of its original design features to keep the older generations interested. Despite its age, the Sierra 1500 4dr long bed has taken the time to adapt to current trends and even a new hybrid was released in 2005. Another one of the reasons for the success of the Sierra trucks is the sheer power that they contain, which is very important for instilling faith in the model. For example, the last thing someone wants to happen is to try and haul something only to find out the vehicle is not strong enough to get the job done. This will not be a problem with the Sierra 1500 especially with the wide variety of powerful engine choices and over 10,000 lbs. of towing capacity. As long as General Motors continues to be proactive with the mechanical upgrades, there appears to be a long and healthy future for the GMC Sierra.

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