GMC Savana 3500 - 15 Pass Van
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: GMC
Model: Savana 3500 - 15 Pass Van
GMC Savana 3500 - 15 Pass Van

The GMC Savana 3500 is capable of carrying up to fifteen passengers and their appropriate luggage. Its large size makes it perfect for various clubs and organization to take on outings and overnight trips. It seems that even a very large family could find some use in the vehicle as well. General Motors is the company behind this automobile and actually manufactures a number of other, and very similar, models. For example, the Savana 3500 is also available as a cargo version, which logically means that it more or less does not contain the rear seating. This type of cargo vehicle is very popular for commercial fleets of labor type industries. Creating and manufacturing an extremely large cargo or large passenger van is not as simple as increasing the size of say a Dodge minivan. The GMC Savana had to be constructed with the taillights raised higher than normal because in this case if the rear doors are open, or when towing a small trailer, the vehicle's own lights can still be seen. This of course is a nice feature to tell one's insurance company in trying to negotiate a lower rate. One of the main concerns with purchasing and operating a vehicle of this size is the cost of fuel to maintain it. The good news is that in terms of fuel efficiency, the GMC Savana 3500 really isn't that bad compared to the plethora of Sport Utility Vehicles on the market today. Drivers should expect to get between 12- 15 mpg. As of 2007, the Savana 3500 15 passenger van will come with the choice of 5.3 L, 295 hp or 6.0 L, 300 hp V8 engines. A few other changes have occurred over the years, two major changes to be exact since its inception in 1996. In 2003, the Savana 3500 began being offered in all wheel drive and then the 2007 changes as already stated. This is a great vehicle for the purposes listed above and will be very appreciated during those long car rides.

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