GMC Safari Cargo Van
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: GMC
Model: Safari Cargo Van
GMC Safari Cargo Van

The GMC Safari Cargo Van is a close sibling of the Astro. Both models were built upon the same truck-based platform and were very successful, especially with large families, conversion companies, and commercial companies. Companies preferred the vans to the competition because they were also available as very roomy cargo vans, and on the other hand converters used them as the basis for some very basic small conversion vans. Over the years both Pontiac and GMC have used the Safari nameplate; Pontiac used the nameplate on several of its station wagon models from 1955 through 1989. In fact, humorously and quite confusingly, the two Safaris (Pontiac and GMC) were on the market together and often on the same dealer's lot from 1985 through 1989. Most people refer to the Safari as a minivan, although it is actually slotted in size between the Chevrolet Venture minivan and the full-size Chevy Express. Due to its truck-based platform, the Safari was oriented more for cargo and towing; a properly equipped Safari could pull a whopping 6,000 lb with ease. One does have to wonder though what business a commuter van has hauling that sort of load. More so though, this type of vehicle is very different than your standard minivan. Most minivans are car-based, front-wheel drive vehicles which are considered more passenger-friendly but do not have the ability to pull as much weight. In fact, 3,500 lb is the usual maximum among these. The initial advertising campaign was pretty clever and boasted that it was a vehicle that will "make you realize that life is too big for a minivan", which was in direct reference to the Chrysler minivans. Its specifications included a 160 to 190 hp (119 to 142 kW) V6 engine, depending on options and/or model year. It seated up to 8 passengers with optional towing capabilities.

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