GMC Jimmy
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: GMC
Model: Jimmy
GMC Jimmy

The GMC Jimmy was a favorite among the American adventurous youth. The Chevrolet Blazer and the similar GMC S-15 Jimmy were mid-size Sport Utility Vehicles from General Motors. Production began in conjunction with the larger K5 Blazer and the Jimmy in 1983. Production remained strong through 2005. Granted, in the United States, retail sales after 2001 were limited to two-door Blazer models, all other models being sold to fleets, until April 20, 2005. After 2001, retail sales of the two-door Jimmy were limited to the Canadian market. As was customary with other General Motors products – the S-series Blazer and Jimmy came from the plant with welded door hinges. One might wonder why this was such a problem, and the answer is that they lead to problems with the hinge pins, which ended up requiring an overhaul including with new pins and bushings. Also, the exterior lift-bar door handles on the first generation models are often in need of replacing due to poor factory piano-wire and also due to the door handle splintering. As it turns out the factory pot metal weakens with age and simply breaks down. On a lighter note though, the S-series SUVs, so named because they were based on the Chevrolet S-10 and GMC S-15 pickup trucks, were produced in Pontiac, Michigan, Linden, New Jersey, Moraine, Ohio, Shreveport, Louisiana, Toluca, Mexico and Sao Paulo, Brazil. In North America, the Moraine plant fashioned only 4-door vehicles, with both 2 and 4 door models being produced at Linden, which was the main fabrication plant after the switch from Pontiac, Michigan, which is now exclusively a full-size truck plant. It really is too bad that the Jimmy was dropped from the production line because it really was a nicely sized SUV. Granted, the mechanical problems were inescapable, but GMC could have dealt with those is a more diplomatic manner.

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