Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: GMC
Model: Envoy XUV

The five-passenger Envoy XUV was introduced in 2003 in an attempt to create a crossbreed of pickup truck and Sport Utility Vehicle. It amazingly featured a retractable rear roof section that slid forward, giving an open-topped load area. A 'MidGate' could be raised to separate the load area off from the passenger compartment. This was solid and plastic-lined to waist height and with a retractable glass partition for the top half. The two-way tailgate could either hinge sideways or drop down allowing for easy loading of whatever might be desired. Further, the tailgate glass retracted into the solid tailgate. To make matters even better, the cargo area was waterproofed and fitted with a drainage system, allowing it to be hosed down easily for cleaning. The model was really created with practicality in the forefront of the designer's minds. The advantage of the Envoy XUV over a pickup truck or a more truck-like crossbreed such as the Chevrolet Avalanche is that the cargo area is sealed if the retractable roof and rear glass are closed. The cargo area would also then be full-height and lockable, thus making it close to a SUV. The disadvantages, in the other hand, include a much smaller cargo area and breakable side glass. This makes this model unrealistic for a true work truck, but is really reasonable as a 'weekend warrior' vehicle. The Envoy XUV's retractable roof was reminiscent of the Studebaker Wagonaire of the 1960s. Initial sales were projected to be in the range of 30,000 per year for the XUV. This would have amounted to approximately a third of the Envoy production. Sales however came in well below the estimate and GMC decided to throw in the towel early. GM decided to discontinue XUV production on March 15, 2005 after just over 12,000 sold in 2004.

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