GMC Canyon 4dr Short Bed
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: GMC
Model: Canyon 4dr Short Bed
GMC Canyon 4dr Short Bed

The GMC Canyon 4 door short bed and its counterpart, the Chevrolet Colorado, are General Motors' compact pickup trucks introduced in 2004 as a replacement for the Chevrolet S10 and the GMC Sonoma. Isuzu, which helped design the truck, began selling a version of the truck in late 2005 named the 'i-Series'. The GMC Canyon was jointly designed by GM's North American operations, GM's Brazil operations, and Isuzu, based on the GMT355. The vehicles are manufactured and produced at a GM plant in Rayong, Thailand and in Shreveport, Louisiana. The GMC Canyon offers both manual and automatic transmissions. Additionally, General Motors offers either a 2WD or 4WD drive train with a standard, an extended or a four-door crew cab body style. Most models come equipped with the 2.8 L LK5 I4 engine as standard, but a more powerful 3.5 L L52 I5 comes with the Z71 package on 4-door versions and is optional on all others. This of course is a popular setup for buyers looking to haul or tow large loads. The 4-door Z71 also gets the 4-speed automatic transmission as standard. Unfortunately, this package was later dropped in favor of LT2 and LT3. The GMC Canyon 4dr short bed should soon be getting its own star on the Hollywood walk of fame as it has made a few appearances on the big screen and on the television screen. A GMC Canyon has been shown in the popular prime time television show, Desperate Housewives. Additionally, a GMC Canyon Concept Truck was showcased on a CNN morning show during the Woodward Dream Cruise. Further, the vehicle was featured in a popular 2004 TV commercial which utilized Shania Twain's hit "Man! I Feel like a Woman!". And lastly, GMC Canyons are prominently featured in the promos for ESPN's Monday Night Football which is a huge hit with the testosterone prone crowd.

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