Geo Spectrum
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Geo
Model: Spectrum
Geo Spectrum

It would not be that unrealistic for you to have missed the Geo Spectrum all together. In fact, this is highly likely given that this subcompact car was only sold for three years. It hit the market as part of the Geo line up in 1985. By 1988, Geo, who was now Chevrolet, had had enough and it was discontinued from production immediately. Granted, you may recognize that the 'Geo Spectrum' was left in production for one short year after the Chevrolet model was dropped. Nevertheless, it came to a permanent end in all regards in 1989. The Geo Spectrum was launched with the hope of replacing the American-made Chevette. Either the market for the Chevette had washed up of the consumers who were likely to purchase a Chevette were not pleased with the option they were given with the Geo Spectrum. This car was equipped with a 70 hp 2-barrel carbureted engine, but that didn't seem to attract any buyers. If drivers were so inclined, they could select a 110 hp fuel-injected and turbocharged engine as well. The Geo Spectrum turned out to be just another model in disguise. It was in fact a rebadged version of the Isuzu I-Mark, which was a rebadged version of its own. In was much like the Isuzu Gemini. Continuing in the habit of rebadging models, the Pontiac Sunburst was launched in Canada also as a rebadged version of the same car that has now been offered under a handful of names. It is hard to say if consumers even notice the quick name changes, or to even know if they care. The best part about rebadging is that the consumer is really not given anything new and yet that is exactly what the automaker wants you to think you are getting. If someone goes out and purchases the newest model to hit the market, it doesn't seem that they would be happy to know it has really been around the block more than a few times prior. Nevertheless, the process continues and until consumers start to demand better, the process will continue because a large amount of capital is saved in the research and development process that then doesn't even have to take place.

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