Geo Prizm
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Geo
Model: Prizm
Geo Prizm

The Geo Prizm, also known as the Chevrolet Prizm after 1997, was a US market only small car from model years 1989 through 2002. It was launched as a replacement for the Chevrolet Nova and was nothing more than a rebadged version of the Toyota Sprinter. The Sprinter was accordingly an up market version of the Toyota Corolla. All of the Prizms to hit the marketplace were built at NUMMI, a joint venture plant between Toyota and General Motors in Fremont, California. This plant is exclusively used to build Toyota products. The Geo Prizm's 1993 remodel gave it more room, which upgraded it by EPA standards to a "compact" car status. In 1998 the Prizm, along with any other Geo model, was converted into a Chevrolet that year. The year 2002 became the Prizm's final year on the market and it was a short one at that; production ended in November 2001. The Prizms were virtually identical to the Toyota Corollas, with the exception of some small cosmetic differences, yet the market never showed them the same respect. In 2006, the assessed value of a 2002 Prizm was determined to be $7,300 compared to the $9,150 that the Toyota Corolla was assessed at. On the bright side though, this does make it a good value for a buyer who appreciates the discount that comes with the Geo and Chevy badge. There really is no hiding the unpopularity of the Geo Prizm, yet some believe that Geo and Chevy are to blame. One reason that is given for its failure has been in-house competition: it was shorter than the Chevrolet Cavalier yet slightly more expensive. But, one long look at it and anyone could see that the Prizm was just an unsightly car. Still, while the Prizm name has retired, GM's longtime tradition of cloning Corollas lives on to this day in the Pontiac Vibe, a twin of the Corolla-based Toyota Matrix.

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