Ford Windstar
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Windstar
Ford Windstar

The name 'Windstar' might make someone envision something whimsical and magical ' not usually bringing to mind a minivan. Well, that is exactly what the Ford Windstar is -a minivan produced and sold by the Ford Motor Company from March 1994 until 2003. The new front-wheel drive minivan would become the replacement for Ford's aging rear-wheel drive Aerostar. The two did run concurrently for three model years until the Aerostar's inevitable demise in 1997. By the 2004 model year, the Ford Windstar was replaced by the Freestar. All Windstars, when in production, were built in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The Windstar was available with 3.0 L and 3.8 L V6 engines, although the smaller 3.0 L engine was discontinued with the 2000 model year. Unfortunately the Ford Windstars suffered severely from very poor transmissions, which were often known to fail completely. This was originally a design problem involving an internal part that would break, and apparently the replacement part was corrected. However, many owners have angrily reported multiple transmission failures on vehicles with only normal use. The Windstar automatic transmission also has a very unusual shift characteristic which was difficult for many drivers to become accustomed to. It constantly and annoyingly hunts between drive and overdrive at normal traffic speeds of around 40 MPH. Unquestionably this flaw contributes to the failure of the transmission. What is most amazing is that the Windstar was able to remain on the market for so long. The only logical assumption is that the sales were poor but Ford kept the model in the product line because they had nothing to replace it with and didn't want to leave a gap in the market. Had they pulled the Windstar that would have sent the message to consumers that it was acceptable to purchase from another automaker, which is of course, unheard of.

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