Ford Shelby GT
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Shelby GT
Ford Shelby GT

The Shelby Mustang, although one wouldn’t know it by the name, was a performance muscle car from the 1960s. It was part of a series of Ford Mustangs that were specially modified by Carroll Shelby’s company and sold as a chain of automobiles. The program was factory-sponsored and production was ultimately moved in-house. The character of the series continues still today in the special Mustang Cobra models.

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The first Shelby version of the Mustang appeared in 1965 painted Ford “Wimbledon White”. In fact, all ’65 Shelbys were painted Ford “Wimbledon White”. Although most of the 1965 Shelby’s you see today have Le Mans stripes, less than 40% of the 1965 GT 350’s came factory equipped with them. Under the hood the engine was a modified K-code 289ci Windsor V8 with special “Cobra” valve covers, tri-Y headers and a special intake manifold. The first 300 GT 350s, approximately, were “rear battery” cars, logically meaning the car’s batteries were trunk-mounted. This turned out to be a bad move and Ford was made aware of it as customer complaints of acid-fumes started to pour in. This led to the creation of the Cobra Battery Caps, which vented the acid fumes outside of the car by way of hoses exiting through the trunk floor panels.

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An estimated 50 1965 GT 350s came equipped with the very rare Cobra battery caps. Shortly thereafter, vehicle production changed and the battery was now in the engine compartment. As to be expected, the most desirable of the 1965 GT 350s today are the units with factory installed rear batteries. The new 1967 Mustang was trailed with a new Shelby featuring a 1967 Mercury Cougar tail light panel minus the chrome trim, a flip-up spoiler and two sets of air scoops on each side. This was also the first American car to feature a factory roll bar which was a great addition to the safety of cars. You can go here for more details on the Shelby GT. Car Transport Rates for the Ford Shelby GT are available here using our original auto transport calculator on our page.

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