Ford Model B 1932
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Model B 1932
Ford Model B 1932

The Model B was following in a line of famous automobiles that began with the revered Model T. The Model B was a new Ford automobile produced in the 1932 model year as an updated version of the Model A. It remained largely unchanged until the 1935 model year, when the updated Model 48 was introduced. Strictly speaking, the Model B was a four-cylinder car, not to be confused with another car of the time that was built with a new Flathead V8 engine. The V8 car was marketed as a Model 18, though it is commonly called the Ford V-8 today. It is virtually indistinguishable from the Model B, thus the confusion. Perhaps this is the reason that until this time, Ford had always produced only one basic car at a time. Today, the 1930s Model B is an extremely collectible car that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars to purchase and restore. During the WWII period, when they were first getting old, the Ford Model Bs and V-8s were commonly altered into hot rods and this practice continued on a large scale into the 1960s. Due to their collector's status, the number of "rods" being created has declined significantly from what was occurring in the seventies. Those that are made, however, are quite evolved and always expensive. A typical auto-show hot rod is sure to collect $60,000 or much more. It is a shame for those who had gotten rid of their Model Bs a few decades back when people were maybe not indulging in conspicuous spending. At the time, collector cars were drawing a lot less than they are now, even after adjusting for inflation. Regardless, Ford was building their brand as a household name, and at the time, was very successful in doing so.

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