Ford Fusion
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Fusion
Ford Fusion

The North American Ford Fusion, which is otherwise known by the code name CD338, is a mid-size car produced by the Ford Motor Company since the 2006 model year. It is built upon the Ford CD3 platform, of which the Mazda 6 is the best-known illustration. Manufacturing for the Fusion is taking place at Ford’s Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, where the Mercury Milan and the Lincoln MKZ are also built. These three cars are all built at the same facility because they are all based on the same platform and were launched simultaneously into the market.

Car Transport Estimates For The Ford Fusion

Ford of course was long before planning their advertising strategy and they finally settled on a campaign for the United States and a different campaign for Canada. In the United States, the Fusion campaign is titled ‘Life in Drive’, while in Canada it is ‘Create a Reaction’. August 1, 2005 marks the first day of production for the first Ford Fusion. The launch of the Ford Fusion debuted Ford’s new three-bar grille design, which is expected to become the company’s trademark look for the rest of the decade.

Ford Fusion Models For Car Transport

Production volume is projected at, more like hoped at, 160,000-200,000 per year. It turns out that these projections were not completely unrealistic as the U.S. sales in 2006 totaled 142,502 ‘ of course still shy of the low-end projection. Low sales may be partly due to tough competition. Fusion’s competitors are the Chevrolet Malibu, the larger Chevrolet Impala, the Toyota Camry, the Honda Accord, the Nissan Altima, the Mitsubishi Galant and the Pontiac G6. Perhaps the size of the car is not quite suited for the market. Car and Driver note that the car is actually similar in size to the first generation Ford Taurus rather than the Ford Tempo or the Ford Contour thus another example of car size inflation since the 1980s. Car Transport Estimates for the Ford Fusion are available on this page and to learn more about the Ford Fusion you can go here.

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