Ford Fairlane
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Fairlane
Ford Fairlane

Probably the most interesting piece about the Ford Fairlane is the origin of the name. The name was taken from Henry Ford’s estate, Fair Lane, near Dearborn, Michigan. This model was sold between 1955 and 1971 by the Ford Motor Company in North America. Over time, the name was used in reference to a number of different cars in different classes; originally, the Fairlane was a full-size car during the 1950s but became a mid-size car in the 1960s. The mid-sized model led to the creation of the Australian-built Fairlane in 1967, granted it was considered a large car there. For the 1955 model year, the Fairlane name replaced the Crestline as Ford’s premier full-size offering. The fashionable Chevrolet Bel Air overshadowed it then and especially now.

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On the other hand, the Ford Fairlane was indeed successful and considered to be quite desirable and stylish. An amazing six different body styles were offered, including the Crown Victoria Skyliner, which featured a tinted, transparent plastic roof. Other body styles included the regular Crown Victoria coupe with lots of stainless steel trim, a convertible Sunliner, a Victoria coupe and of course traditional sedans. All were highlighted with the trademark stainless steel “Fairlane stripe” on the side. In the 2005, Ford revealed a new concept show car with the Fairlane nameplate. It was a slightly odd-looking crossover utility vehicle that featured three-row seating for six passengers. It of course also included the chromed three bar horizontal grill design, which currently appears on the 2006 Ford Fusion sedan and the 2007 Ford Edge crossover utility vehicle. A production version (renamed the Ford Flex) of the Fairlane concept car is scheduled to debut at the 2007 New York Auto Show. The plan also has the model entering production for the 2008 model year. Use our auto shipping calculator, which we created first, and learn about the Ford Fairlane by going here. Car transport estimates are easy here.

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