Ford F-350 4dr Short Bed
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: F-350 4dr Short Bed
Ford F-350 4dr Short Bed

Add one more to the ever-popular F-Series line of trucks. The F-350 is a heavy-duty pickup truck based on the Ford F-150, the world's best-selling truck of all time. The Ford F-350 is quite different than the F-150 in that it has a heavier frame and more rugged suspension designed for serious hauling and towing. Because of its workhorse status, you'll find the Ford F-350 in a number of commercial fleets, as well as on farms, ranches, and job sites across America and around the world. Its position as a tough workhorse is well deserved and hopefully will be maintained for much time to come. Since 1999, the Ford F-350 4 door short bed has been marketed to the public as the Ford F-350 Super Duty which is used to designate the truck's extra rugged abilities in comparison to the more everyday uses of the F-150. The first F-series truck from Ford was introduced in 1948, replacing the company's previous car-based pickup line. It was a modern-looking truck with a one-piece windshield and integrated headlights. The F-series was available as three models at the time. The F-series was later redesigned for 1953 with an incorporated look. At this point, the pickups acquired their familiar names ' those being the F-100, the F-250 and the heavy-duty F-350 4dr short bed. On the interior, the driver was given a few more amenities such as a dome light, a lighter, arm rests and sun visors. Of course, these surely don't sound like luxuries today, but back then, they were appropriate for the truck's target consumer. Remember, these were work trucks meant to be doing work ' not cruising the downtown square. Nevertheless, the model was able to function for these other purposes as well, but its main and highest priority was to be durable and capable of completing the tough jobs at hand.

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