Ford F-250 4dr Short Bed
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: F-250 4dr Short Bed
Ford F-250 4dr Short Bed

The Ford Super Duty pickup trucks are built at the Louisville ‘Kentucky Truck Plant’ which was opened in 1969 and is now exclusively responsible for only building the Super Duty line. This line of Ford trucks includes models F-250 through F-550. The plant was also responsible for building the Ford Excursion Sport Utility Vehicle because it was based off of the 1st generation F-250 Super Duty platform. That of course ceased when the model was dropped in 2005.

Car Transport Rates For Ford F-250 4dr Short Bed

The F-250 4 door short bed is nothing like the F-150, which is built at the ‘Kansas City Assembly’ plant in Claycomo Missouri. This plant, opened in 1951, is also responsible for manufacturing the popular F-150 along side the Ford Escape and the Mazda Tribute. It originated  when pickup trucks were first introduced, they were basically titled after their approx. payload rating.An F-150 was called a 1/2-ton, F-250 was called a 3/4-ton, F-350 was called a 1-ton, and so on. However, as the years rolled on, the payload capacities have slowly increased even though the names have stayed the same. Now with the 1999 introduction of the all-new Super Duty line all of this has changed. To just simply call an F-250 Super Duty an ‘F-250’ would be a major underestimation, and the same goes for the F-350 Super Duty.

Ford Pick-Up Truck Models For Car Transport

The Super Duty trucks are in a class entirely of their own. They are larger and heavier built commercial or industrial pickup trucks with heavier and bigger frames, axles, springs and brakes. Not to mention, they have better transmissions and more powerful engines. This gives them a much higher payload and greater towing capacities. The Ford Super Duty is basically Ford’s impressive response to the Chevrolet Silverado, the GMC Sierra ‘HD’ and the Dodge Ram ‘Heavy Duty’ series. Anyone needing a truck for more than the county fair, owns a Ford Super Duty F-250 4dr with the short bed. You can go here for more details on the F-250. Car Transport Rates for the Ford Super Duty F-250 are available here using our original auto transport calculator on our page.

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