Ford Explorer
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Explorer
Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a mid-size sport utility vehicle sold mostly in North America and built by the Ford Motor Company since 1990. As of 2007 it is still in production and is manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky. Previously, it was also assembled in Hazelwood, Missouri until the plant closed on March 10, 2006 to the dismay of thousands of workers. Nevertheless Ford is please, as it has been the best-selling mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle in the United States each year since its introduction. Furthermore, it was one of the vehicles instrumental in turning the SUV from a special-interest vehicle into one of the most popular vehicle types on the road. In fact, the Explore just might have been the catalyst for attracting previous minivan owners into the SUV market. But, it has not been all good news for the Explorer. In fact, it has been surrounded by controversy after a rash of fatal rollover accidents occurred involving Explorers fitted with Firestone tires. Most of the time, of course until the safety issue arose, the Explorer had competed with the Nissan Pathfinder and the Toyota 4Runner. Both the two-door Explorer Sport and the four-door Explorer models have been popular despite the rollover implication. Drivers were particularly impressed with the optional part-time four-wheel drive. It has been available since 1995 and has been a 'shift on the fly' system with full protection against being engaged at too high a speed. Later, recognizing the versatility of the model, a specially modified Special Service Vehicle version was also introduced from Ford Fleet for law enforcement. One specific advantage for buyers is its low resale value. One warning though, being that some models have been plagued with various mechanical problems including transmission issues, so it might be best to look for one that has already had a new transmission dropped in.

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