Ford Explorer Sport Trac
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Explorer Sport Trac
Ford Explorer Sport Trac

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a mid-size sport utility vehicle with a pickup truck bed and is sold mostly in North America. The idea for the Sport Trac is based on the Ford Explorer Sport Utility Vehicle and has been produced by the Ford Motor Company since 2001. This pickup truck is slotted between the Ford Ranger and the Ford F-Series. Ford hit the jackpot right out of the gate with the Explorer Sport Trac. During its first years on the market in the United States, the waiting list grew to over a 3 months. It made its grand appearance in 2001 to the open arms of consumers. It was cleverly built on the Explorer chassis, but with a small pickup bed behind the four normal SUV doors. For people looking for more cargo carrying capacity, a bed extender was available and was a fairly commonly purchased option. The bed was made entirely of a composite material separating it from the other models on the market. It had a more rugged-appearing front end, which the 2-door Explorer Sport also received. The rugged look was carried over to the interior, where the only floor option was a highly practical full rubber covering – carpet was not available. Instead of the usual sliding rear window found on most pickups, the Sport Trac had a power "Breezeway" window which was a highly praised feature . A new Sport Trac was released in early 2006 for the 2007 model year. While still based on Explorer underpinnings, the "Explorer" has now been dropped from the name. Perhaps this decision was made based on the poor reputation that the 'Explorer' earned. Nevertheless, the new Sport Trac's greatest improvements are an all-new reinforced frame and four-wheel independent suspension hopefully making the model safer in the terrifying event of an accident.

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