Ford Escort ZX2
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Escort ZX2
Ford Escort ZX2

The Ford Focus was an enormously popular vehicle at first, of course that was before the mechanical and paint problems were identified. The Ford Escort ZX2 was replaced by the then popular Ford Focus. Fans of the Ford Escort ZX2 were disappointed in their loss as the Ford Focus ZX3, ZX4 and ZX5 came in instead. In terms of the variances between the models, the two cars shared the same Zetec engine, but there were a few differences. The Focus lacked the exhaust-side VCT, and contained less aggressive camshafts, which pushed the power band down a few hundred RPM. They both shared the same block, but due to the different camshafts and the different cylinder head, the torque output for the Focus was bumped up by 8 ft•lbf (10.8 N•m). Further, thanks to better gearing and less weight the ZX2 continued to outperform the Focus. The Ford Escort ZX2 also featured 15 in (381 mm) alloy wheels and a rear defroster which were now offered as standard equipment. In 2003, a revised front fascia was also put into production. Nevertheless, the assembly lines stopped rolling at the end of the 2003 model year. Something interesting happened in 2001, and that being that the sedan was limited to fleet sales only and the Escort moniker on the Ford Escort ZX2 was quietly dropped. From this point forward the car was only known officially as ZX2. The Escort was one of Ford's most successful models in the 1980s, earning a much better reputation than the Pinto. Previous models had been plagued with widely publicized safety issues, which did nothing to help their sales. In fact, the Ford Escort was the single best-selling car in its second year in the United States and continued to hold that record during most of that decade.

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