Ford Econoline Cargo 250
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Econoline Cargo 250
Ford Econoline Cargo 250

The Ford Econoline Cargo 250 is the middle model of a series of three. Below the 250 sits the 150, and above the 250 sits the 350. The numbers designate the interior cargo room of the model. This series is the top rated line for commercial uses. The Ford Econoline Cargo is a fleet of full-size commercial vans inspired by the consumer E-Series. Like the E-Series, it shares a platform with the best-selling F-Series trucks. This gives the model a very strong foundation to build upon. The Econoline Cargo models of today feel much smoother, almost like a consumer ride. This is far from the rough riding metal boxes of the past. Granted, the models are not exactly to be described as luxurious, but they are certainly much more comfortable. Drivers can also be more relaxed when thinking about the safety of the vehicle. The Econoline Cargo 250 is now offered with driver and passenger-side airbags as standard. They also have adjustable three-point restraint seat belts and four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes. The series is doing very well as a whole given that the Ford E-Series and Club Wagon currently hold 49.6% of the full-size van market in the United States. In 2005 alone, 179,543 units were sold. In fact, it has been the best selling American full-sized van for 26 years, since 1980. Heavy-duty cutaway van models are badged as E-350 or E-450 on the front fenders. With the development of more sophisticated 7 passenger minivans, the market for passenger versions has been on the decline, so the "Club Wagon" badge for the passenger wagons has been suspended. The full-sized vans have a very high floor, and seats that are somewhat ruthlessly bolted to the floor. Minivans on the other hand feature power middle windows, and seats, which fold into the floor. There is clearly a variance in comfort. Production is handled solely at Ford's Avon Lake, Ohio plant since the closure of the Lorain, Ohio plant in December 2005.

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