Ford Econoline 350 - 15 Passenger
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Econoline 350 - 15 Passenger
Ford Econoline 350 - 15 Passenger

The series is doing very well as a whole given that the Ford E-Series and Club Wagon currently hold 49.6% of the full-size van market in the United States. In 2005 alone, 179,543 units were sold. In fact, it has been the best selling American full-sized van for 26 years, since 1980. Heavy-duty cutaway van models are badged as E-350 or E-450 on the front fenders. With the development of more sophisticated 7 passenger minivans, the market for passenger versions has been on the decline, so the "Club Wagon" badge for the passenger wagons has been suspended. The full-sized vans have a very high floor, and seats that are somewhat ruthlessly bolted to the floor. Minivans on the other hand feature power middle windows, and seats, which fold into the floor. There is clearly a variance in comfort. The Ford Econoline is a full-size passenger van series. The line is now badged as the E-Series, which is appropriate since this strong machine shares a platform with Ford's best-selling F-Series trucks. The Econoline series is generally rated high in terms of safety, especially since the line's 1999 makeover, but on the other hand, it gets horrible marks with regards to fuel efficiency. The focus of the Econoline series is on performance, capacity, and durability rather than comfort and style. It is imperative that the model be reliable, as it may be carrying 15 passengers on a long road trip, or to and from school. However, the current Econoline models are not the Spartan models of the past. Long ago, the line was introduced in 1961 as a compact van. Production is handled solely at Ford's Avon Lake, Ohio plant since the closure of the Lorain, Ohio plant in December 2005. At that point, all production was consolidated at Avon Lake. Further, an imitative model called the Ford Chateau Wagon is marketed in the Philippines.

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