Ford Club Wagon
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ford
Model: Club Wagon
Ford Club Wagon

The Ford E-Series, formerly known as the Econoline or "Club Wagon", is a line of full-size vans, both cargo and passenger. It is built on a truck chassis from the Ford Motor Company making it closely related to the Ford F-Series line of pickup trucks. The line was introduced in 1961 as a compact van and amazingly its descendants are still produced today. The Club Wagon is produced solely at Ford's Avon Lake, Ohio plant which became its home after the closure of the Lorain, Ohio plant in December 2005. In this restructuring, all production was consolidated at the Avon Lake plant. In the Philippines, an offshoot called the Ford Chateau Wagon is available to prospective buyers. In the United States, the Ford Club Wagon is dominating in the marketplace as it currently holds 49.6% of the full-size van market. Sales topped 179,000 in 2005. Thus, it has been the best selling American full-sized van for 26 years, since 1980. To follow the success of the Club Wagon, one must look at its more common name, the Econoline "E-Series". This model has become popular with commercial van lines and ambulance fleets. In addition, heavy-duty cutaway van models are also available for the tough commercial jobs and they can be distinguished by the "E-350" or "E-450" badging on the front fenders. Starting in 2001, however, Ford officially fully rebranded the Econoline as the E-Series in all badging and literature. With the advancement of more sophisticated 7 passenger minivans, the market for passenger versions declined, so the "Club Wagon" designation for passenger wagons has been dropped. Nevertheless, the Club Wagon has seen its share of fame. Several Club Wagons were seen in mainstream films such as Diamonds Are Forever, Return from Witch Mountain, Cobra, and Bound By Honor. Further, a Club Wagon is also humorously featured in an episode of MTV's Pimp My Ride, and was amazingly fitted with a fully functional hot tub in the back of the van. Now that is really taking this multi-use vehicle to the extreme.

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