Fiat Spider 2000
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Fiat
Model: Spider 2000
Fiat Spider 2000

Way back in 1966 the convertible Fiat 124 Sport Spider was released to happy buyers. It was manufactured by the Italian automaker Fiat until 1985. Many of the Fiat Spiders ended up in the United States. The Spider 2000 made its debut in November 1966 at the Turin Auto Show. It was closely related to the Fiat 124 Coupe, introduced in 1967, as both models used much of the same mechanical running gear and a similar floor plan. The Fiat Sports Spider did utilize a shorter wheelbase though. The coupe model was designed and built in-house by Fiat while the Spider's unit body was designed and produced by Italian designer Pininfarina making it the company's most successful commercial venture at the time. The engine utilized in the Fiat Spider and in the Coupe was a double overhead cam, aluminum cross flow head version of the sedan's pushrod unit. It started in 1966 with a capacity of 1438 cc progressively increasing to 1995 cc in 1979. Fuel injection replaced carburetors by 1980. This family of engines is credited to ex-Ferrari chief engineer Aurelio Lampredi. Too bad for Ferrari because in one form or another this engine remained in production into the 1990s giving it one of the longest production runs in history. More milestones were crossed as the double overhead cam (DOHC) version was the first mass manufactured DOHC to utilize reinforced rubber timing belts. This was a novelty that would come into nearly universal use in the decades after its introduction. The suspension was conventional but that really didn't matter given the other advancements that had been made. Any way one looks at it, the Fiat Spider 2000 was a pioneering model in more ways than one, which was very needed by Fiat as they had had numerous failures in the past.

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