Ferrari 512
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ferrari
Model: 512
Ferrari 512

The Ferrari 512 was a sports car as part of the Ferrari P series of sports prototypes. It was raced in 1970 and then was forced to withdraw from competition following a change in the regulations. The 512 moniker can be found on several race and road cars built by the famed company. The name could be taken as an indication that the displacement of the V12 engine would be roughly 5.0 L. This however may not always be the case since Ferrari would from time to time use the rather odd system of designating individual cylinder displacement for their V12 engines. For example, in the case of the 365 Daytona, when times 12, will give a total displacement of 4380 cc. However, in the explicit case of Le Mans racing cars, regulations in those days restricted maximum displacement to 5.0 L, so that the "512" designation should be interpreted as "5.0 L/12 cylinders". Modern Ferrari V12 powered road-cars also use this type of designation so it is important to understand. Normally there are not any mechanical problems to discuss when it comes to Ferraris. Nevertheless, at the beginning of 1970, the Ferrari 512s were hindered by expected teething problems, which included a weak suspension and transmission bothers. The motor of the 512S was a total new V12 with 560 PS (412 kW) output. Compared to arch–rival Porsche, it had the disadvantage of not being air-cooled, so it needed a maze of cooling pipes and a heavy radiator. Since the chassis was of sturded steel and reinforced with aluminum sheet, the weight was 100 kg more than that of the alloy-framed Porsche 917. Even so, to Ferrari's credit, notwithstanding the weight difference, the Ferrari 512S and Porsche 917 were theoretically fairly even matched. This made for some very interesting racing by some very heavy egos.

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